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Norman Coins from 1066–1154


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Henry I Silver Penny...

Henry I Silver Penny 'Facing Bust...

Price £1,750.00

Henry I Silver Penny Facing Bust with Quatrefoil/Quatrefoil with Piles Mule Ulfketill on Norwich 1.25g 19.1mm North – 865/863 Spink – 1270/68

Henry I 'Facing bust/cross fleury' Silver Penny

Henry I 'Facing bust/cross fleury'...

Price £525.00

Henry I Silver Penny Facing bust/cross fleury Leofwine on Southwark 1.23g 19.3mm Spink – 1271 North – 866 Rare 

Stephen 'Voided Cross and...

Stephen 'Voided Cross and Stars'...

Price £450.00

Stephen Silver Penny Voided Cross and Stars Etstan on Norwich 1.40g 19.5mm Spink – 1280 North – 878 Rare  

Stephen 'Eastern Type'...

Stephen 'Eastern Type' Silver Penny...

Price £825.00

Stephen Silver Penny Eastern Type Roger on Lincoln 1.29g 21.8mm North – 904 Very Rare Spink – 1289

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