Charles I Silver Crown

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Charles I Silver Crown

Group II - 2b1

mm. Plume

Plume between C R

29.93g 43.2mm

Spink - 2756

North - 2192 Rare

Charles I Silver CrownCharles I Silver Crown£2,950.00

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CAROLVS D G MAG BRIT FRA ET HIB REX. Second horseman - plume on head, sword on shoulder, cross on housings. 



CHRISTO AVSPICE REGNO. Oval garnished shield with plume dividing C R above.


Weakly struck on horse (corresponding area on reverse) and a few silver flaws otherwise good fine. Stuck on a full, round flan, dark cabinet tone, somewhat lustrous on reverse, rare with excellent provenance.


Ex Baldwin (Private sale) Feb 2017, £2,500 (with ticket)

Ex DNW Auction, 17 Mar 2010 - Lot 96

Ex 'A Collection of English Silver Crowns', Glendining Auction, 6 Sep 1989 - Lot 2

Ex F R Cooper, Glendining Auction, 8 Nov 1978 - Lot 57

Ex 'A Selection of Silver Coins of Charles I', SCMB, Mar 1967, H1114 - £60.0.0


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