Edward III Gold Half Noble
  • Edward III Gold Half Noble
  • Edward III Gold Half Noble

Edward III Gold Half Noble

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Edward III Gold Half Noble - Unique

Post-Treaty London

3.81g 24.7mm

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Edward III Gold Half NobleEdward III Gold Half Noble£6,000.00

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EDWARD DEI G REX ANGL FRA DNS. King standing facing in a ship, sword in right hand, shield in left. French title, Treaty X. 



DOMINE NE IN FVRORE TVO ARGVAS ME. Florated cross with lis terminals, lions between with crowns above, upturned E in centre, all within tressure of eight arches. Unbarred A’s. 


This is a unique as a true London Post-treaty half noble. Although showing the normal signs of a detecting find, it is still about very fine with all the details present. 


“The London half-noble as a true coin is unknown, and only one mule, which has a Treaty obverse, represents the London coinage.” L A Lawerence 1933.


‘The only known Tower half-noble of the post-Treaty period has a ‘Treaty B’ obverse, but with a new style reverse with E and pellet in the centre. However, although no Tower half-noble obverses with the French title appear to have survived, that such dies were made is apparent from the fact that at least two were later overstamped RIC and used after Edward’s death.” Potter 1964.


‘Nearly all of the gold of the Post-Treaty period was struck into nobles. Half-nobles are extremely rare (Calais)…. The only London half noble of this period is a mule, from a Treaty B2 obverse die, with annulet before Edward, and a reverse with Post-Treaty lettering…. A similar reverse is found on rare early half-nobles of Richard II that are struck from Edward III dies, but with EDW altered to RIC, which show that obverse dies for Post-Treaty half-nobles were indeed made, whether or not any were actually used in Edward’s reign.’ Stewartby 2009

Lawrence, L. A.. "THE COINAGE OF EDWARD III FROM 1351. Part IV". The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Royal Numismatic Society. Fifth series, Vol. XIII (1933): p. 204-205, 223.

Potter W. J. W. "THE GOLD COINAGES OF EDWARD III: PART II. (A) THE TREATY PERIOD (1361-9)". The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Royal Numismatic Society, Seventh Series, Vol. 4 (1964) p. 317-318

Stewartby, Lord. “English Coins, 1180-1551” Spink & Son Ltd (2009) p. 231-232. 


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