Henry I 'Pellets in Quatrefoil' Silver Penny

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Henry I Silver Penny

Pellets in Quatrefoil

Engelram on Winchester

1.40g 19.5mm

Spink - 1275

North - 870

Henry I 'Pellets in Quatrefoil' Silver PennyHenry I 'Pellets in Quatrefoil' Silver Penny£1,250.00

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HEN[RICV]S R. Facing crowned bust, sceptre in right hand, star to left.



HENGELRA[M ON PINCE]. Quatrefoil with star in centre and pellets on limbs, four lis around.


Very fine, toned and very rare. 


Ex Bonhams Auction, 22 Nov 2017 - Lot 299

Ex Lord Stewartby Collection, Spink Auction 22 Mar 2016 - Lot 353 [bt 10 Nov 1964]

Ex N. J. Ebsworth Collection 

Ex H. G. C. Day Collection [1962]

Suggested by Allen as possibly;

Ex G. Drabble Collection, Glendining Auction, 4 July 1939 - Lot 673 (Part)

Ex Major Carlyon-Britton Collection (A coin with legend reading +hENGELRA[M : ON : PIN] is listed as one of the 30 Winchester coins published in P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton (1927), ‘Some coins of Henry I’ British Numismatic Journal, Volume 19, Page 105)

Ex Bournemouth Hoard (Found 1901)


Published in:

M. Allen (2009) ‘Henry I type 14’ British Numismatic Journal, Volume 79, Plate 12 - No. 885 (This coin)

M. Biddle, Y. Harvey (2012) 'The Winchester Mint and Coins and Related Finds from the Excavations of 1961-71' Winchester Studies 8, Oxford University Press, Page 440-1, Plate 85 - No. 2236a (This coin)


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