Baldred Silver Penny - Unique - New Type

Baldred Silver Penny 

Unique, a new type

Ealhtan on Rochester

1.27g 19.0mm

Spink - 881 var


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BVLDRED REX. Diademed bust r. dividing legend with circle around.



EAHLTAN MONET. Plain circle with Ѧ symbol and pellets around.


Very fine, some pitting but excellent detail, a new type for Baldred and unique. Metal detecting find Salisbury Sep 2017, listed on the EMC as 2017.0280


"This is a new type for the coinage of Baldred of Kent by the Rochester moneyer Ealhtan. Rory Naismith's book The Coinage of Southern England 796-865 records only one coin of Ealhtan at Rochester in the coinage of Baldred (Type R10, North 291/1), which has a different reverse design. There are coins of Ceolwulf I of Mercia (821-823) at Rochester with a similar letter A design, but this is new for the coinage of Baldred at Rochester" Dr Martin Allen.