Henry VIII Gold Halfcrown

Henry VIII Gold Halfcrown 

HK uncrowned both sides

Mule - m.m. rose/lis over rose

1.79g 19.2mm

Spink – 2286

North – 1794 Rare


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RVTILANS ROSA SINE SPIA. Crowned double rose with H and K at sides.



HENRIC 8 DI G R AGL Z FRA. Crowned royal shield with H and K at sides.


Very fine, reverse better than, sharp detail, evidence of light crease. The overmark scarce and also being muled, an even scarcer example of this rare issue.


Ex St James’s Action 1 Oct 2012, Lot 379

Ex Clarendon Collection, sold Bonhams 28 March 2006, Lot 771