Charles I Silver Oxford Halfcrown

Charles I Silver Halfcrown

Oxford - 1643

14.94g 31.6mm 

Spink - 2964

North - 2420 Scarce

Bull - 607/29

Brooker - 901 This coin

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CAROLVS D G MAG BR FR ET HIB REX. Briot style horseman, plume behind, lumpy ground below,



EXVRGAT DEVS DISSIPENTVR INIMICI. Declaration RELIG PRO LE ANG LIB PAR in two lines, two plumes flanking large central plume above,  date 1643 and OX with rosettes below.


Overall good fine/about very fine, reverse better, full weight, scrapes to obv, dark tone. Overall a good example of this poorly struck and rare issue, with excellent provenance.


Ex Dr J. Hulett Collection, bt S. Burkinshaw, Sep 1986

Ex J.G. Brooker Collection (901)

Ex E. Burstal Collection, Glendining 15-16 May 1968, lot 415

Ex R. Carlyon-Britton Collection

Ex H.M. Lingford Collection

Ex H.W. Morrieson Collection, Sotheby 20-4 Nov 1933, lot 527 (part)