Edward III Gold Quarter Noble G/E Mule

Edward III Series E Gold Quarter Noble

Pre-treaty Period

Series G obv / E rev

1.92g 18.9mm

Spink – 1498/97

North – 1162 Very Rare (1189/62)

Schneider 35 – same obv.


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EDWAR R ANGL FRANC D HY. Quartered shield of arms of England and France within tressure of eight arches. Pellet to centre of shield, annulet stops.



EXALTABITVR IN GHLORIA. Florated cross with lis terminals, lions between, lis in centre,  all within tressure of eight arches. Pellet in centre and initial mark as cross 2, annulet stops.


Spink only number the series E as a mule of series B and not with G. This obverse die with annulet stops is very rare for a true series G coin and is the only die (combined with two other reverses) which represent all of the series G/E quarter noble mules.

Obverse struck from rusty die otherwise very fine, small edge scuff to rev. A very good example of this very rare mule.